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Balance Table - H-frame



The balance table with 60mm thick Marble slab provides maximum damping effect and vibration-free stability for analytical instrument scales.


MODEL: BT750, BT900, BT1200, BT1500



General Information

Standard size: 750/900/1200/1500 (L) x 600 (W) x 800 (H) mm

• BT750 and BT900 - 1-drawer design

BT1200 and BT1500 - 2-drawer design


Floor-mounted Frame

• Frame is welded by cold-rolled steel of minimum 40 x 60 x 2.0mm thick rectangular tube. 

• Knee space is provided below drawer(s)

• Vibration insulation plates that are installed on the top of each frame have limit design to avoid displacement or slide

• Each frame is equipped with four (4) industrial grade cushioned levellers (levelling pedestals), fabricated from galvanized steel shaft screws to support frame, adjust levelling and maintain balance. Each unit sits no less than 10mm off the floor to keep from floor moisture.



• Drawer panels are of steel dual-panel construction. Both the outer and inner panels are coated with Epoxy powder finish and the space between is filled with sound deadening material.

• The drawer bottom and sides are thermally welded from the same steel sheet. The joints are welded as well.

• The drawers come with rubber bumper to avoid collision with the steel panels.

• The minimum extension of the drawer is no less than 330mm.



• Fabricated from premium grade natural black granite slab of 60mm thick. The size of worktop is identical with bottom structure and the exposed edges of worktop are processed to present smooth feeling.


Hardware & Accessory

• Vibration insulation plate: imported 18mm thick composite insulating plate; the vibration-free balance table is applicable for 0.1mg analytical balance use.